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Our Story

We, the brothers, fell in love with Yerba Mate the first time we discovered it in Berlin during our travels through Europe. We were in a dark but vibrant nightclub in the center of Berlin City. 

Everyone in the club was drinking Yerba Matè and we noticed their energy was glowing and their bodies moving perfectly in sync to the powerful music with smiles on their faces. It felt like we had discovered a magic potion that gave you a natural buzz and long-lasting energy without any crash or jitters, and we could not get enough of this feeling. We immediately got inspired and couldn’t believe that such a popular drink in Europe wasn’t available in South Africa - so we made it our mission to get it there.  As soon as we arrived home in Cape Town, we imported the Yerba Matè leaves from South America where the tea is grown, and began crafting the traditional recipe in our kitchen.

Fast forward a few years - we are proud to introduce our carbonated Yerba Matè Hii to the people of Africa.
We’re excited to supply and educate the market about yerba mate and build a community around our brand Hii.